15 December 2008

Kylo's Pick

There are several books that I have on my wish list for this Christmas, but one of them just happens to be Kylo's favorite purchase of 2008. It's Mike Perry's Hand Job: A Catalog of Type. He's created this sketch as a response to the giveaway over at Doodler's Anonymous. Not only is their site a great source of inspiration for anyone reading the Community Sketchbook, but they're also giving away a one-year subscription to What Did You Buy Today, a zine published by Kate Bingaman-Burt about her obsessive consumption.

Hand Job Book Drawing by Kylo

All of this is to say that I believe that Kylo's sketch not only shares a book that we should all take a peek at, but that it's also a fabulous sketch and entry for this contest. Does anyone else have something that they'd like to share? What was your favorite purchase from 2008? Draw it, and submit it over at Doodler's Anonymous.

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