26 August 2008

sausages for dinner (links for thought :})

I couldn’t choose today because we seem to have reached a plateau: not a lot of new photos on the Flickr group, except for those who have already been featured---I’m sure a lot of people are getting busy for school or wrapping up holidays!

I have decided instead to post some links to information for the novice and the “pro”—we can all learn new things, whether it’s more precise development of our talents or how to create the sketchbook itself.

Basics for drawing---LOTS of tips, specific and general, to improve your skills and presentation.

The Art itself, compiled into a fascinating book about sketchbooks used in the Graffiti/Street Art world.
“Here is an unprecedented look at the world of sketchbooks including some of the world’s leading street and graffiti artists. It showcases an incredible diversity of working methods, innovative approaches and personal fixations, including declarations of love, typographic explorations, alter egos, storyboards, mythological creatures, anatomical studies, architectural drawings and extreme doodling. They may be diverse, but they all exude creativity and originality.”

Easy way to make your own sketchbook.
And a more advanced level how to.

History! Inspiration! Techie details! Gossip! Topic specific! Concepts and hoaxes! You could spend hours here, browsing the links, kicking up your idea bank and being exposed to the famous and infamous.

I think it’s important as an artist to expose yourself to other art forms as well, making notes and scribbles that lead to your own vision and style—particularly with sketchbooks, you can look back through the years and see where you were headed even when you weren’t sure. New work, new series, new explorations---s t r e t c h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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