28 August 2008

Lines & Lined Paper

Here are a couple of amazing sketches, which use lines in an interesting way. They are sketches on lined paper. On a personal note, I really enjoy using graph paper for writing and sketching; in fact, I just created some sketches on my graph paper. What sorts of materials do you enjoy using to sketch?

Sonia Basch has an amazing sense of style when sketching. She just added several new sketches to the Community Sketchbook on flickr, and I really like her expressive nature that she uses to sketch scenes of everyday life.

Here is her blog.

una vieja por la calle, rápido y antes de cruzar

This is another sketch from Danny Mansmith's doodles that he creates. I just read that he hopes to have a solo exhibition with these "doodles." And I think it's a brilliant idea. I'm honored to own one of these sketches and to have collaborated with him.

ladies from nowhere

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arlee said...

It's funny, but i don't actually "see" the lines when artists use them as the base---paper is paper :}
That being said, both of these samples seem to say more with the lines through--divisions of vision?

I like that Danny goes "the other way" with his page--who says the page layout has to be what it "has" to be? With his, the lines remind me of the strings on marionettes.

Sonia's make me think of someone looking through a screen.