12 August 2008

Megan Udell sketchbook page 11

This is an entry that Megan Udell posted tonight. I really enjoy her freedom of expression, and the sketches that she has posted thus far are phenomenal. She said, "Paint was inspired by Wreck This Journal. I dropped it from waist-height. Then I smeared it with a Neopets trading card..." She said that this drawing was based off an ad in an old craft magazine.

I thought the process involved in creating this sketch sounded like a lot of fun. Maybe I too should try it. But my favorite quality of this sketch is the line drawing of the woman. And you can find some of her other sketchbook pages here.

I personally like her, because she too is a "dreamer."

sketchbook page eleven


The Girl said...

Hey there!
Cant quite read some of the writing on the blog as its so small.. i'm using ie.. perhaps that's the prob>?

sHandke said...

That's something I'm trying to work on. I don't use Internet Explorer, but my husband does. So I was just made aware of that issue. I'll do my best!

If you have any suggestions, let me know.