17 August 2008

so many good sketches

I took one day off from the computer and came back today to find so many great sketches in the Community Sketchbook pool on flickr. So instead of posting only one, I'm posting several sketches from numerous artists all at once.

Flaf, an architect and artist from Germany added several new sketches, and all of them are amazing. But I chose this one, because I absolutely love the lines.

La Ola created this sketch with amazing shapes and colors. I really like the orange that he used here.
Venezia - S. Marco -

I rather enjoy these pages "LA PAROXÍSTICA" by Erika Kuhn. She's a visual artist from Mexico and proves an amazing sense of freedom of expression with her drawings.

There were so many other impressive sketches, but I want to save something else to post later this week. Let's keep the community sketchbook actively drawing. And soon we'll begin passing around an actual sketchbook, and turn it into one giant collaboration.

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