04 February 2009


Looking through the Community Sketchbook group on Flickr I was really struck by the sense of drama in the following works. They are all very different, but each conveys the sense of something happening - a new revelation in the storyline, something terrible, or a pivotal moment:

AgentMicroship, by Tim Razo

I love those lines, and his expression - it says so much about his personality.

geen, by Nina Roos


I have been a fan of Nina's drawings for a while now - they are expressive and layered, always hinting at something, but tantalisingly, they withhold the answers.

new sketch, by Esta.Sketch

new sketch

She describes this as 'more confusion than shock' but either way it heralds a moment of change in the character's story - and I must say for me it recalls exactly what I felt when I heard my door lock behind me and realised my keys were inside, along with my phone, money etc. etc...

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shawna L handke said...

I have been so fascinated with that sketch by Nina Ross for the past week! Good choices... all of these, and I too really love the drama of each sketch.