04 March 2009

The Notebook of Nat Koffman

I recently picked up some inexpensive used books at one of the book shops that was going out of business here in town. I was sad to see the shop close, but I have some unique treasures from their sad departure. I found this book, entitled The Notebook of Nat Koffman, and I liked the writing that I found. I had not heard of Nat Koffman before this, but I thought it was worth the few pennies the book cost me. Well, I've decided that I should share a page or two with you here and there, inspiring you just as much as I've been inspired by these writings.

Nat Koffman writing
The first excerpt I will share is from the section entitled, The Artist in Relation to Society. I simply thought Art as a Record was appropriate to share here, because recording what we see is sometimes how I would define sketching (or keeping a sketchbook).
Art as a Record

I hope you are as inspired by these writings as I am.
And if you want to learn more about Nat Koffman, you can download a short bio here.

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