28 April 2009

Love for Spring

I apologize for my lack of posts lately, but spring has sprung and is keeping me rather busy! Whenever I'm not working on new drawings or sketching, you can find me in the garden or on my bike.

Untitled by o lie

I'm trying to take full advantage of the good weather and my health, because I'm pregnant now. And I don't believe I'll be able to ride my bike during the entire pregnancy. Gardening... now that's another story. So on behalf of the fun spring days I've been partaking in, I chose some sketches to compliment my love for spring.

18 by c'est bon

The flowers are in bloom, and I'll be visiting the farmer's market next week!
Dreaming of Spring by Handcrafted
Dreaming of Spring

At the Market
by Peter Hart
Sketchbook, at the market.

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