19 July 2009


So..... I've missed the community sketchbook community for quite some time! I've been out on vacations, and the computer we took with us was broken. Yikes! It was a good time without a lot of electronic interference, but I also missed a world of sketches and other things that have been happening. Now, I'm back. I just wanted to begin by posting a few of the sketches that really stand out to me right now. Plus, some of these sketches are by our newest members.

Akkordeon by Flaf

EUBIE IN CONCERT by John Woolley
'' EUBIE IN CONCERT '' / New Orleans / by John Woolley / 10 years old

High Street Oxford by Allen Pirabu

Untitled by Elaine Miller

#23, Draw instead of watching the telly by Lou Simmons
#23, Draw instead of watching the telly