03 November 2009

Powdered Toast Girl

There are no good excuses for my delinquent posts here on the community sketchbook... aside from my focus drifting to my baby and me. He/she was due almost a week ago, and I'm patiently (or not) waiting for the grand entrance into this world. In the meantime, I decided I should post something here, so when I found the new sketchbook that Powdered Toast Girl began, I couldn't resist! Check out this sketchbook!

sketchbook 1a

sketchbook 2a

On another note, I'm looking for searching for more individuals who want to be authors here on the sketchbook. If you want to help out, please contact me: scribbles@shawnahandke.com. (If I'm a little slow to respond, just know that it may have to do with my new life as a first time mom. I may be changing a dirty diaper or feeding...)

07 August 2009


I found ohArlene's comics a few weeks ago. I loved her sense of humour so much I ended up reading my way through her entire photostream. Partly, I confess, it was because I saw some of my own eccentricities related in her autobiographical comics and I was ablt to show them to my partner and say look! I'm not so strange after all! But it was mainly her sense of timing and ability to make the mundane and everyday stuff of life humourous and worth recording.

Please Don't, by ohArlene

Inventing Memories, by Nura_P

I love this one:

I Know You Listen, by Nura_P

I Love You, by Nura_P

I hope you enjoy her work.

04 August 2009

Journal Entries

Ride by inkydarlin

Yosemite Pine Cone by John Woolley
'' YOSEMITE PINE CONE '' by John Woolley / 10 years old

Sitting behind my market stall by the lime green cardi
Sitting behind my market stall

by Heidi Burton

Jul 22 Art by Capt Elaine

finding the good by danny mansmith
finding the good

19 July 2009


So..... I've missed the community sketchbook community for quite some time! I've been out on vacations, and the computer we took with us was broken. Yikes! It was a good time without a lot of electronic interference, but I also missed a world of sketches and other things that have been happening. Now, I'm back. I just wanted to begin by posting a few of the sketches that really stand out to me right now. Plus, some of these sketches are by our newest members.

Akkordeon by Flaf

EUBIE IN CONCERT by John Woolley
'' EUBIE IN CONCERT '' / New Orleans / by John Woolley / 10 years old

High Street Oxford by Allen Pirabu

Untitled by Elaine Miller

#23, Draw instead of watching the telly by Lou Simmons
#23, Draw instead of watching the telly