22 August 2008

Fun Colors

Today, I'm combining some of the sketches from various artists that have fun colors and compliment one another.

Math Head is another "doodle" that Danny Mansmith created. He'll soon have an art show at the Indie Collective, so if you're on the West coast, you should check it out.

math head

This is a sketch I created while waiting on my husband. I later taped it in one of my current sketchbooks' spray-painted pages. Here is where you can find more of my artwork.

parking meter - in the sketchbook

Rabbit Girl is a sketch that was just posted to the Community Sketchbook on flickr,and I thoroughly enjoy the warm colors of these sketches in The Pairabirds' Moleskine journal.

Rabbit Girl

La Ola created another great architectural sketch, entitled Castel sant'angelo.

Castel sant'angelo

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arlee said...

This group is so fascinating with such disparate styles and viewpoints. A great source of inspiration and a kick in the artistic pants to keep going:}