24 September 2008

Atypical Anatomy

Most people do not have perfect bodies. And if we all had symmetrical anatomy, we would get bored looking around at those who surround us. So why do we continually strive to depict people in ways that only they really want to be seen? I think we should sketch the people around us in the ways that we see them. Sometimes, you can see inside someone when you sketch, and the atypical anatomy or characterized persona reveals something much more exciting to the viewer.

Here are a few sketches that portray the people around them in a personified manner.

Danny Mansmith doodles these sorts of twisted figures. They're lovely.

Demon Out by Arlee Barr.
Demon Out 1

The next time you sketch someone, I challenge you to free yourself from traditional restraints and to sketch the person how you see them.

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