23 September 2008

the REAL SKETCHBOOK - part 2

The reason I have been quiet about the real sketchbook is because I have been working out the details. I didn't want to just purchase any old sketchbook for this project, and fortunately we have a member in our little group who volunteered to make one for us. Jan Allsopp creates amazing sketches and seems to enjoy creating sketchbooks as well. I've been obsessing over one of them in her etsy shop for quite some time.

She intends to select a vintage book that will work well with our theme, and then it will be hand bound by her. I think it's worth the extra time it will take to begin the travels of our sketchbook.

I also really enjoy her mixed media artwork. Here are a couple of examples.

If you want to participate in this project, I need some of your details. Please e-mail me the information below. scribbles[at]shawnahandke.com

ADDRESS: city, state/province, country
E-MAIL (I intend to e-mail the list to confirm that you are still interested in participating when it's your turn to sketch in our collaborative sketchbook.)


arlee said...

WHOO HOOO I'm waiting!!!

lynda Howells said...

l know this is an old project but if you ever get involved in anything like this again could you PLEASE contact me because l would LOVE to be involvedx lynda