19 September 2008

Other Artists' work pt2

My post this week is on two of my favourite artists – Andrew Wyeth and Cherry Hood. They have quite different styles and backgrounds but one thing I like about both their work is attention to detail in some areas and the left-unfinished look in others.

Peasant dressby Andrew Wyeth

The Helga series by Andrew Wyeth is definitely worth looking at. Well any of his work really. His range is incredible, from basic sketches to incredibly detailed drawings, often focusing on negative space, like the white of the snow and sky in some of his landscape works.

Gotti by Cherry Hood

Cherry Hood is a more contemporary Australian artist, with an amazing talent for detail and color. I was surprised to find out how large these works actually are, the first time I saw them they did remind me of something that you might see in a sketchbook. (Like, I wish I could get that much detail into one tiny page.)

Different yet similar. And also nice to see that despite of modernism, post modernism, and whatever post post modernism we're in now, the art of drawing is still popular and as beautiful as ever.

I have some more great examples of contemporary artists working in drawing to come soon. In the mean time please do share any of your favorite practicing with the rest of us! From the rich and famous to the self-representing or blogging artist, there are so many great techniques and ideas out there. I could browse through books and websites for hours... but then I'd never get any work of my own done.

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sHandke said...

etsa.sketch... I absolutely love these posts about other artists' sketchbooks. Thanks for introducing me to Cherry Hood. Her work is lovely!