22 September 2008

Simple Things. Simple Sketches.

Sometimes the simple things in life inspire us the most. Some of the members in the Community Sketchbook have been sharing both simplistic sketches and sketching the simple things. I find this rather fascinating, because I too find inspiration in the simple things. Sometimes those things are the mundane tasks that we have to complete, and other times they're everyday objects that we have sitting around. Here are several artists who enjoy sketching the simple things, and many of them have mastered a very simplistic style to sketch these objects.

This sketch is called oferta 2, and it was created by on of our new members, Janitzio Alatriste T.


Here Andrea Manica shared a new zine with us that features several of her sketches, called Stuff in My Room. I'm guessing from these images that the sketches are of the simple things in her room.
hooray! I have finished it!

And the simplicity of playing with watercolors expresses the playful nature of Megan Udell's sketches.
sketchbook page twenty-nine

What simple things have you sketched lately? And what simple things inspire you to sketch?

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