30 September 2008

Other Worlds

I'm going to keep this entry rather simple. Here are a few sketches that take me into another world.

Untitled by Olszewska Agnieszka

nuevos-signos-de-la-pasión2 by Janitzio Alatriste

neurons ~~~snap by Arlee Barr
neurons ~~~snap


Shawn said...

Hey girl! You are inspiring me to sketch again! I am going to start carrying my sketchbook with me again...

I will try to share some things when I get some stuff done---I am feeling a artist mode coming on again and I am wanting to start painting again also.

Let me know more about you guys moving...when....where?
Will we be able to see you before you leave? Hope so...

Love you guys.

sHandke said...

Hi Shawn! I'm pleased that this renewed Community Sketchbook could inspire you. I've been wanting to renew this for quite some time, and I've finally done it. Plus, there are so many other artists who are actively involved now. It's been a lot of fun thus far.

I can't wait to see your sketches! :)

We're moving in about a week and a few days. It's approaching rather quickly now. I'll try to send you an e-mail in a while to let you know more.