29 September 2008


I have recently seen some sketches that are related to transportation, and I was inspired to create a post in honor of traveling and transportation. The timing is perfect, since I'll be moving soon. Of course, that means I'll be traveling quite a bit, and it may seem that the posts to the Community Sketchbook are slow and few between.

The good news is that we have a couple of other authors here, and they'll be posting quite often as well. Arlee Barr and etsa.sketch are both amazing artists, and they have offered to write a thing or two about you, your sketches, and inspiration from other artists' sketches. So if they contact you to find out a bit or two about you, do not be surprised.

Now, on with our transportation sketches this Monday...

This sketch depicts traveling by car. It is Dave Graney driving thru Central Coast NSW by Stu Thomas. I love this perspective that Stu sketched.

Dave Graney driving thru Central Coast NSW 15-6-08

Here is a beautiful sketch of a bicycle by Olszewska Agnieszka. I thoroughly enjoy the details in her sketches, and a bicycle is the perfect way to travel.

Another great way to travel is by train. This sketch is Train station by La Ola.
Train station

And one more way to get somewhere else is to travel by foot. Yes. It is a lot of fun, and you get to see so much more. In honor of that, Sharon Frost has shared Face the foot with us. I thoroughly enjoy her depiction of the bones in a foot.
Face the foot. September 14/15, 2008

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