09 October 2008

One Turkey, Many Ways

Shemacqo's sketchbook images of a turkey are a wonderful example of what happens when you put the same image through many different processes. This is something I was encouraged to do when I was at college, but don't often remember to experiment with now, which I should because it's both a way of exploring media and an excellent ideas generator:

I love the textures in the collage below - and particularly the contrast between the clean edges and the random marks of the textural pattern. Immediately it makes me think of textiles - repeating patterns of turkeys maybe, strutting their stuff in bright colours:

This image is completely different - where the collage is basically simple, allowing texture and colour to do the work, this one is complex and highly decorative. Shemacqo has drawn on the markings on the feathers for ideas then extrapolated to create a beautiful design.

Thanks for sharing these images, Shemacgo.

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