09 October 2008

Changing Colors

So... I haven't posted anything in a while, because we've been out of town. My hubby and I had to find a new place to live near his new work place, and we'll be living in Nyack, NY. On behalf of this change, I'm posting some sketches that share fresh ideas and bright colors. Change can be beautiful and so are these colorful sketches.

I began feeling "too fancy" as we looked for a place to live. Many of the spaces we found were not perfect and did not meet all of our wants/needs.

She Has Always Been Too Fancy by Danny Mansmith
she has always been too fancy

I not only enjoy this finished sketch, but I rather enjoy the materials that Arlee used for this sketch. She used coloured pencil, oil pastel, dye, metallic and markers on newsprint.
Pomengranate by Arlee Barr

Don't worry, Megan. You're not alone with this thought... I too want something un-ignorable.
Sketchbook Page 44 by Megan Kay
sketchbook page forty-four

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