21 November 2008

Architectural Sketches

I'm easily impacted by various architectural elements these days, so it should be quite obvious that sketches of this subject matter really fascinates me. Here are a few recent sketches that I found quite impressive.

My friend, Justin Miller of Bound Staff Press created this sketch, which I believe he is currently working on carving on a linoleum block. So in other words, it will soon become a rather impressive print.

Water Tower by Bound Staff Press
11-18-08 #3

Flaf must be quite the architect, because he can really sketch some amazing buildings. Here's another one of his sketches.
Via della Pace by Flaf
Via della Pace

And then there is Sharon Frost's amazing perspective fromthe seat of a train.
Looming Beauty by Sharon Frost
Looming beauty. November 6/7, 2008

Now are you inspired to share the buildings that surround you? I know I am.

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