22 November 2008

Mixing mediums in the sketchbook

I’ve noted a few artists in the pool who are adding other mediums to their sketchbooks and wanted to highlight this. I’m not talking about strictly collaging or using another medium as the main tool, but as an augmentation for texture or visual weight. I’ve noticed too that these are the artists who are “translating” their sketchwork to another medium as the end product.

Danny Mansmith has a mastery with both pen and needle in his work, combining the sketching capabilities of free motion machine embroidery with paper, and ultimately with textiles.

Shemacgo combines the textural qualities of manipulated and cut papers on backgrounds of paint and sketch, using her sketchbooks as a jumping off point for textile work.

I like marking disparate substrates such as painted dryer sheets, tea bag paper, tissues and recycled papers, using paint, marker, pen and stitch, to "find" the image.

I think it's important to see what material will make what kind of mark for weight, effect, contrast and inherent textural effect.

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sHandke said...

Arlee, Thanks so much for your perspective about artists working in different mediums. Good thoughts...