15 November 2008

Continuous Lines

There is an element of a a continuous line drawing with each of these sketches. Or maybe these are all blind sketches (completed while not looking at the paper). Whatever it is, I really appreciate the fluid linear quality.

Sarah Wilde visited the doctor's office and arrived home after some long waits only to share these beautiful sketches. I too feel that the waiting rooms are a great place to sketch people.

man twistingwoman reading

This is silhouette sketch by The Pairabirds, and it will hopefully become something new and brilliant. Sketching really is the way to create something new. New ideas come about everyday when we sketch, and then we only have to execute those ideas. I cannot wait to see what becomes of this sketch.
silhouette sketch

Although I haven't seen many recent sketches by dou_ble_you, I was quite fascinated with the simplistic elements of this sketch.
Cafe Cathedral

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I'm honoured you picked two of my sketches, thank you!

Dou-ble-you's look like he or she held the pen really loosely. I like the minimalism too.