12 November 2008

Sleep. It's not very elegant is it? Particularly in this image, by Peter HartBut I love those lines, and though this is unflinchingly honest, it has compassion. We are all this vulnerable whilst we sleep - it's why sleeping with another is such an intimate thing to do.

sketchbook sleep, Peter Hart

Esta.sketch also has some sleepers on her Flickr stream:

Sleepers, esta.sketch

And here:

Sleepers on a train, esta.sketch

The lines in these two artists work are so very different - Peter's style is quite graphic, whereas esta.sketch's lines are fluid, and multiple, as if she is looking for the form. I enjoy both styles very much and each captures something of essence of sleep and that trusting vulnerability which makes us want to protect the sleeper.

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Pedro said...

These sketches are sodifferent between them as they are beautifull. And I don't believe Einstein would have an intelligent look while sleeping...