01 December 2008

Kylo Sketches

There are so many amazing sketches that people have been sharing over in the Community Sketchbook on flickr that I had difficulty choosing what I should post first. Recently, I've been continually impressed with Kylo's sketches, so I'm going to share a few that stand apart.

First of all, I really want a bicycle like this one. The lines are so free and full of energy that it makes me want to hop on the bike and take a spin.

Now, Kylo... please draw that homemade fender.

The lines that Kylo places on a page are so fluid and provide the viewer with a steady stream of eye direction.

I also really enjoy these sketches that were created on post-it notes and later placed in Kylo's skechbook. I like to add doodles from napkins and receipts to my sketchbook(s) at later dates, and I think it really adds a bit of looseness to the pages in one's book.

As you can see, Kylo's sketches really have a nice graphic quality to them.

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