05 December 2008

Sketches in Color

I've noticed recently that many peoples' sketches aren't the simple black and white, graphite and paper, or even pen and paper. Many people enjoy creating (may I say) quite elaborate sketches, using watercolor or other mediums. Here are a few that have especially stood out to me in the past week.

Peter Hart used colored pencils with pen and ink here, and his goal was to create a quick, more loose style. I think he's definitely achieved his goal, and it really stands apart from a lot of his other work that is more detailed. Nicely done!

sketchbook, cafe yan

Once again, Flaf has completed an elaborate sketch of an architectural element here. What more should be expected from an architect. Right? This is a very nicely crafted pencil drawing, which implements a nice use of watercolor.

I believe that Megan Kay's work has come a long way since the first time I saw any of her artwork. She seems to have begun developing a secure sense of style, and now she's added color to some of her newest sketches. I especially like this one, for the lines cause your eyes to really move directions.
sketchbook page sixty-six

I had also intended to post about Sharon Frost and her work, but I think I save her masterful use of colors for another night when I'm not quite as tired. (On a side note... this is one of my recent favorites that Sharon has completed.)

So good night for now, and if you're still bored, visit many other artists and their work in the Community Sketchbook.

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