19 January 2009

New Sketches

There is so much amazing artwork being added to the community sketchbook on flickr that I don't know where to begin! For now, I wanted to share a sampling of a few of the new members' sketches.

derkye creates some fabulous abstract paintings in his sketchbook.

spore sample [ dish b1 ]
huh? rough skies the crane and the red

I've already shared a few of anthead's sketches, but I wanted you to see a few more of these interesting heads! Now introducing... psychotic cock-eyed ruben.
psychotic cock-eyed ruben

And Jade M. Sheldon also has some amazing sketches, too. I especially like the pieces that are the from the Goddess series, which were created for her thesis.
"The Norns"

Soon... very soon I'll post more information about the real sketchbook that will be mailed from city to state, state to country. Just wait! It's going to be fabulous and we have Jan Allsopp to thank for all of her hard work creating this book. Once the book is completed and sketches are being added, and it's getting shipped all over the world, we'll have an amazing collaborative piece. I have a long-term goal in mind for this project, but I want to get a couple more details in place before I share too much more information.


deryke said...

HELLO im a guy! and thanks!

Bill Donovan said...

Deryke is the man!

Manz said...

All kneel before Deryke!