21 January 2009

Things which make me smile

There have been many good things this week, but on the UK news there have also been some appalling things - the kinds of things which make me despair about the human race. So here are some of the images which have made me feel a little better:...

Sketch Bokeh, by dc9000

sketch bokeh

sketch bokeh

White on black - fab.

And this great series by Shandke (Shawna Handke):

Recording Portraits - 1, by Shandke

recording portraits

This one is defintely my favourite!
Recording Portraits - 3, by Shandke

recording portraits

Recording Portraits - 4, by Shandke

recording portraits


amber perrodin said...

i agree...these images are really nice...i especially like the bearded men.

deryke said...

its OFFICIAL ....

thnx for the love.

i feel warn inside :)

shawna L handke said...

Thanks for the compliments. I cannot wait to complete this series and frame them the way I want to.

And Deryke... I'm happy to hear that you love us, because we love your work!