18 February 2009

Beetle Love

If you enjoy insects or the anatomy of colorful creatures, you'll most likely enjoy the beetle collection that Leslie Brenden has recently been creating. Her sketches have the intricate details that make some souls ache. These strange creatures take on a beautiful element with her pen, ink, watercolor, and Prismacolor pencil sketches.

Beetle a Day

"Though Leslie’s influences tend to be somewhat obscure, strange and often a bit macabre, she is an appreciator of most art forms. She is quite often inspired by imagery-often in nature that is sometimes considered “ugly or creepy” by most, which brings us to the project that she is presently working on. Leslie calls this project her “Beetle a Day” journal.

The project was born as Leslie has always watched and learned from her husband's extensive entomology hobby. She is always willing to help with his collecting insects and arachnids-killing jar always in tow. While listening to him talk so respectfully and admirably about his fondness for the amazing beetle, Leslie decided to draw some of his favorites using sources from specimens in his collection 'to' photographs. After several beetle drawings, she was hooked. The colors, shapes and visual diverseness got her hooked. She began to read about each beetle that she drew becoming more and more intrigued. The project began when she decided to commit herself to creating a beetle a day. Since the project started in early January this year, Leslie has received many inquiries as to whether or not she planned to publish. Though that was not originally her intent, Leslie and her husband have discussed the possibility and are presently courting the idea." [via Leslie Brenden's Artist Biography]

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Anonymous said...


I'm an entomologist & love beetles. I also draw them,
mostly in pen & ink. Love your work.

Claire the Bug Lady