20 February 2009

samesame! the scribble project

So... you're looking for another reason to scribble some more? I was. So I created a scribble for samesame! the scribble project. (You can find mine here.)This simple daydream is a fun project that Lisa Currie recently started. Artists and illustrators from all over have begun scribbling on behalf of samesame! And some of my personal favorites include...

Now, download your very own samesame! by clicking here. Then, send it Lisa's way, so she can publish your scribbles for the world to see.

And on top of that project, Lisa recently created good vibe notes. If you want something new to do or are just lacking ideas for a new piece, these projects are a good way to get you brainstorming.


Jan Allsopp said...

I didn't know what samesame meant so I googled it.

shawna L handke said...

samesame! the scribble project is the name of the project that was created. You can click on the link above to go to the blog, which hopefully will become a zine.