24 February 2009

These are the people You Meet on the Streets

Today, I took a walk through the streets of NYC, and I ran into a few people. I didn't know the people I met, but I knew that they were people I should know. In fact, the more I observed their beauty, elegance, and eccentric behaviors, the more I felt I had met them in a past life. In fact, I had.

You see, we walked into the club the other night and as the lights spun and people moved their bodies in tune with the music, you couldn't tell who was who. You just knew that the shadows and lights kept your eyes in a gaze that only the artist could capture. When we walked out, it was icy and snowy. We knew we would fall, but we just moved in motion as if the music was continuing to spin around in our heads. That's when it struck us, this is a person...this is ice and snow...this is a person on ice and snow...

After we spent all of our energy dancing, slipping and sliding home, we were extremely hungry. When we finally got to our door step, we met him. He was actually standing there naked and starving. We went upstairs, grabbed a blanket and took it down to him along with a fresh sandwich that we slapped together. He was eternally grateful.

When we finally settled into our comfy flat, we were zapped. We fell asleep and began dreaming. It was the most bizarre thing I've ever imagined, but this is it. My head was pounding... life was thundering... blissful death... stampedes! stampedes!. It had encompassed me!

And then I woke up. I realized all of it was a dream, but they... they were the people I had met on the streets that day.

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