22 February 2009

The Brothers McLeod Sketchbook

Many current animation artists are also illustration artists. I'm am continually inspired by their work. I recently found The Brothers McLeod and their short films. Wow! That's really all I can say. Below you can watch their short animation, Sketch Book No. 1.

fuggy fuggy "The Brothers McLeod first appeared on the animation radar when they were short-listed by BBC Talent for the New Comedy Awards in 2001. They achieved this with their first short 2D animation Highlights: Sports Day about a sports radio station’s attempts to commentate on the Piddle-on-the-Wyre village annual event."
[ Brothers McLeod on YouTube ]

Oh yeah... on another film note: the Oscars are tonight. Who do YOU think deserves an Oscar? The best thing I found was that you could watch the Oscar Animated Short films here.

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