02 April 2009

Something of Value

I'm so excited! I just received some photos of the Community Sketchbook's analogue sketchbook. It's in the book press currently being bound in its final stages.

This is the sketchbook that I've talked about before... the one that we'll begin shipping across the world to one another. Jan Allsopp has done an amazing job with the creation of this rebound sketchbook, and the best news is that we will all be able to contribute. Jan has donated all of her time, materials, and efforts to this project, so we should all send her a huge THANK YOU! So if you want to do this, e-mail her or just comment on her blog.

My goal with this sketchbook is to publish the images of the work as it is completed here on the blog, and once the book's pages are filled, I would like to have an exhibition with artwork from selected artists who have contributed to the pages.

Now, if you're interested in contributing to the Community Sketchbook's Something of Value, leave a comment here. Or you can simply send me your name, e-mail address, and snail mail address at scribbles[at]shawnahandke.com.

If you would like to read more about the creation of this beautifully rebound sketchbook, click here to read Jan's article.


Laureline said...

I'd like to participate! I'm a big fan of Jan and all of her amazing projects. It was her blog that led me here. I loved seeing Malcolm's drawings, btw---and John W's, too. I'm now going to spend time checking out the rest of this blog!

shawna L handke said...

Perfect! There is still space to participate, so send me an e-mail with your 4-1-1. This is my e-mail address: scribbles@shawnahandke.com

Maria Doering said...

Hello! My friend Racheal told me about this! I would love to participate! :) I'll email you.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Sent an email... and leaving a comment... please, please, I want to play too