31 October 2008


It's Halloween, and it's a bit spooky. So I was inspired by a couple of artists' haunting sketches.

Peter Hart has captured this magpie in a startling manner. His use of line and motion conveys a sense of this bird's attack. It sort of reminds me of scenes from Alfred Hitchcock's film, The Birds.

Magpie by Peter Hart
Magpie..pen and ink

Then, there are the architectural sketches that Flaf creates. His sketches really convey a real sense of being in the city, near the architectural elements that he captures. This particular sketch reminds me of a eerie alleyway that I may have passed by a time or two. Just as I walk by, a chilling breeze ills my senses.

Placa Mayor by Flaf
Placa Mayor

And for a ghostly image, the simple pencil markings that Justin Miller uses in this sketch convey a sense of loneliness, fear, or sadness. To me, that is a haunting emotion.

Now, enjoy your Halloween and share some more trick or treats.

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