29 October 2008

Sharon Frost

I've been looking at Sharon Frost's subway drawings this morning so I thought I'd share with you what I enjoy about them.

Firstly it's the looseness - I like the relaxed line which is at odds with the hardness of any subway or underground train, but works here to convey Sharon's affection and compassion for her fellow travellers:

Winging it. October 16/17, 2008,, Sharon Frost

both the colours she uses and the way she uses them create an interesting effect: the enhance the loose lines, but they also create the otherworldly sense of the subway. The effect is almost dreamlike. The subway is part of everyday reality for many of us, but in Sharon's hands it becomes something very different - reminding me a little of Henry Moore's underground sketches from WWII.

Purple phase. October 2/3, 2008, Sharon Frost

The truth about Newark. September 20/21, 2008, Sharon Frost

I love the ghostliness of this man - and isn't there something about a subterranean commute which can make ghosts of us all?


Racheal said...

and i love that last line you wrote.

Sharon Frost said...

Sarah, I love those Henry Moore underground resist drawings. They're on my mind every time I draw underground myself.