21 October 2008

Spot Colour

Following on from last weeks post about black on white (and occasionally pink) I thought I'd take a look at spot colour. I'm particularly fond of using spot colour myself, so of course I love it in other people's work too.

where ever i go, Danny Mansmith

The selective use of red in this image manages to convey two message to me. Firstly it's the slightly humourous one, which communicates the centrality of the sewing maching in Danny's life, but then a second look - that red - doesn't it make the machine seem malevolent? And his feet don't seem to know which way to go. He's attached to this machine by a thread like an umbilical cord, but just as it gives life (to his work) it can also metaphorically take it away. Amazing how such limited use of colour can convey so much.

Tracy Potts also uses red to convey a darker theme. Just a few marks reinforce the message behind this image - that of driving herself through a day that obviously felt like punishment:

how my day's panning out, Tracy Potts

And finally for a complete change of mood: Elokuu creates a sense of peace and tranquility using touches of lime green.

sketchbook page, Elokuu

This is a sketchbook/journal page - he's included a sticker from the company which is the same green yet conveys a different message from the drawing. Where the page is calm and restful, the sticker says 'wake up'to me - demonstrating eloquently the power of spot colour to convey a multitude of messages depending how it is used and what you choose to highlight.

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