05 November 2008


I love birds - particularly corvids - but all birds really, so when I saw Nakisha VanderHoeven's page of great crow studies I thought I'd share this and another page of studies with you.

Crow Studies, Nakisha VanderHoeven

Esta.sketch also has some lovely bird studies on her Flickr stream:

Birds 2, esta.sketch

Both of these pages are fresh and lively and capture the spirit of the birds in a way that sometimes only a sketch can.


sHandke said...

I have been inspired by the birds that surround me now that I've moved to a smaller community. I see blue birds, cardinals, and all sorts of birds. I'm so glad you shared these amazing sketches.

Sarah said...

They are amazing aren't they - birds can be very hard to capture on paper, I've found, but when it's done well...