06 November 2008

Everyday Items

Recently, I've been enjoying drawings of simple everyday items that people sketch while their bored or just need to create. In fact, it's helping one particular artist, Carolyn Alexander quit smoking, and she's began a blog specific to this. It's called carolyn alexander is giving up smoking.

And here are just a few of the sketches from Community Sketchbook members that inspired me.

Sarah Wilde is cleaning her closet and ridding of many items. These boots are simply one of those items.

everything I'm getting rid of: ancient black boots

elokuu is inspired when he visits a local coffee shop alone, as you can see by the sketch below.


What simple things do you sketch? I think sketching the simple things in life help us as artists build our skills, and if you aren't interested in sketching one day, this may be a good way to get back into the groove. On that note, I think I'd better begin sketching.


Sam said...

Those boots are great!

Sarah said...

Thanks and thanks for picking this Shawna. I'm done with clothes and shoes now I think - though maybe there's one more to post on Flickr. Then it's on to...cassette tapes. Oh yes.